iOS8: Apple’s Big Indoor Location Reveal Part 2

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2Q 2014 | IN-1019427

What Is Apple Still Missing?


Apple still lacks some major aspects in the retail space. While it is very helpful that SMEs and venue owners can have access to their indoor maps, most will not have an application to integrate the maps into. Google and Facebook are far more advanced in this respect. It will be interesting to see if Apple enables venues to have a form of iBeacon presence, without the necessity for a full-blown application. This could perhaps link into Apple maps, where a venue can have a certain level of presence, much like in Facebook today.

Most other major players have formed partnerships with big Wi-Fi infrastructure companies like Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, etc. The beauty being that many venues already have Wi-Fi and it is a readymade infrastructure that can be leveraged. Furthermore, companies like Qualcomm have attempted to create an ecosystem by itself. Apple on the other hand, is very much focused on iBeacons and handset-based location, allowing the developer communi...

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