iOS8: Apple’s Big Indoor Location Reveal Part 1

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2Q 2014 | IN-1019416

New Mapping Technologies


In iOS8 Apple is finally revealing its hand on indoor location and mapping and opening up many of the technologies it has been working on to developers and venue owners. However, it goes much further than just retail. iBeacons/BLE beacons are set to become a huge part of Apple’s next generation mobile services strategy.

Apple has finally unleashed its M7 sensor fusion processor and acquired WifiSLAM technologies to developers through an update to the CoreLocation API. Devices moving indoors will now switch from traditional outdoor technologies to scan for Wi-Fi and iBeacons, as well as leveraging sensor fusion on the handset.

Apple has also opened up its mapping platform to venues to submit planograms, etc., as well as available wireless technology (Wi-Fi, iBeacons) to have its maps integrated into Apple maps, as well as making them navigable through handset-based technologies. This will require RF fingerprinting of buildings, which I assume will be enabled through ...

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