Honeywell Brings Pretty as Well as Heft to Smart Thermostats

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2Q 2014 | IN-1019411


Honeywell Launches Lyric to Compete Head-to-head with Nest


Honeywell has launched Lyric, a smart home thermostat that brings a focus on mobile connectivity into the company’s home thermometer range. While boasting a range of features including geolocation triggers for temperature control, it’s not functionality but the targeted design, packaging, and marketing that make the device important.

The Lyric Smart Thermostat


Unlike Honeywell’s existing smart Wi-Fi thermostats, Lyric does away with touchscreens and a feature-rich interface on the device. Instead, there are two buttons: a large temperature display and an outside weather temperature display. The bulk of the setting and management is instead pushed to the supporting smartphone/tablet app. The company emphasizes how with geoloc...

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