SoftBank to Deutsche Telekom: Firewalk with Me

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2Q 2014 | IN-1019355

T-Mobile US: A Surrealistic Lynchian Saga


On May 29, Reuters reported that SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom (DT) are apparently in agreement to go forward on a deal for T-Mobile US. There are so many convoluted plot shifts in this long-running drama of T-Mobile that it reads like a surreal David Lynch script and could potentially become a classic in the annals of telecom merger and acquisition. Perhaps DT is running its own Twin Peaks mystery and getting ready for the sequel to the AT&T/T-Mobile epic. The sequel breakup fee if the deal doesn’t pass the regulators is rumored to be "only" US$1 billion, while the AT&T going-away present was believed to be up to a US$6 billion value. We have to wonder how many more plot twists are in the T-Mobile saga.

Connect the Dots, But Hardly a Straight Line


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