Samsung Dominates the Relatively Small Smartwatch Space

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2Q 2014 | IN-1019353

Smartwatches Gaining Stride with Consumers


There is no denying that the smartwatch market is still immature and struggling to gain ground with consumers. Smartwatches have been visually unappealing, bulky, and have offered nothing innovative beyond the capabilities of current devices that are already extremely popular among consumers, i.e., smartphones. However, over the past year, a transition has occurred within the market. One of the biggest topics at CES 2014 this year was wearable technology. Many vendors have entered the smartwatch market hoping to gain strides and dominate this small but intriguing market space. Vendors have started innovating and introducing smartwatches with more practical consumer-driven features. For example, technology, design features, and applications that focus on creating a healthier, more efficient, and better-connected lifestyle are captivating consumers. However, at this time, product benefits are still lacking for smartwatches, which is affecting m...

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