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Big Data and Analytics in M2M

In the M2M market - more recently renamed "IoT" market - the "data" and "analytics" are becoming more and more important to businesses connecting their assets. Through the lens of the total revenue opportunity across the M2M value chain, the big data and analytics sub-segment is assessed for total market size, and by revenue component, supplier type and application. Additional attention is given to the maintenance analytics segment and its value and position relative to the total M2M analytics opportunity. The report concludes with top opportunities in M2M and IoT.

Table of Contents

  • M2M/IoT Value Chain


  1. M2M/IoT Big Data and Analytics, 2012 to 2018
  2. M2M Analytics Revenues, 2013
  3. M2M Analytics Revenues, 2018
  4. M2M and Non-M2M Maintenance Analytics, 2013 to 2019