What Mesh in Its Bluetooth Chips Means for CSR

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2Q 2014 | IN-1019195


CSR Announces Mesh


Back in February 2014, CSR announced a proprietary configuration and control protocol, CSR Mesh, for its Bluetooth chips, which include the CSR101x and CSR8811. The development kit was just released in April 2014 to developers. ABI Research will go over what this is and what it means for CSR.

CSR Mesh: Multidevice Functionality


CSR Mesh isn’t a standardized way of mesh networking with Bluetooth; it is just a proprietary way of getting multiple devices to function as if they were in a mesh network. This is done by forcing each CSR Mesh-enabled Bluetooth Smart device to relay messages to the other CSR Mesh-enabled Bluetooth Smart devices in the group over Bluetooth Smart. This works with an “al...

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