Is IPv6 over Bluetooth LE Essential for Enabling IoE?

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2Q 2014 | IN-1019189


The Link between IPv6 and IoE


Internet of Everything (IoE) has become a buzzword in our time, and the industry is currently abusing its meaning and hijacking its purpose to fit into the agendas of the various competing connectivity solutions. But hang on a minute; should not the industry first define how things should be connected under Internet Protocol and how IoE data should be identified and transported, and then work out what access technologies can service this need, and how?

So, a good starting point toward this end should be establishing a universal framework whereby connected objects can be attributed an address, so that they can identify themselves and publish their capabilities, their location, and their status over the Internet. It is commonly agreed that 6LoWPAN, an optimized version of IPv6 for power and cost constrained environment, is an ideal protocol for dealing with data packets generated by the multitude of things/objects that could be connected in the IoE realm. This is tha...

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