Webinar: IoT Developer Ecosystem – Market Update for New Year

In the Internet of Things, the year of 2014 was characterized by the growing industry attention to developers. While the actual definition of a “developer” is somewhat elusive, the underlying notion behind the interest is that technologies are increasingly adopted bottom-up instead of top-down, by grassroot innovators whose interest in the market – at least initially – can be distinctly speculative. Application developers have been critical for the growth of today’s mobile ecosystem, and there is now an expectation that the IoT market could experience a similar gold rush.

In this webinar, ABI Research explores the early dynamics of the IoT developer ecosystem and discusses how things are looking for 2015. The session covers various platforms and other building blocks for both hardware and software, as well as the competitive developments amongst the leading technology vendors.

  • Internet of Things Demystified


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  3. US IoT Revenues - for Cellular Connections, 2013
  4. US IoT Revenues - for Cellular Connections, 2020
  5. IoT Developer Segmentation in Numbers, 2014

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Publish Date
1Q 2015
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Technology Analysis Report