As NFV Momentum Builds, Huawei Keeps in Front of the Wave

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2Q 2014 | IN-1019144


Everyone Has a NFV Strategy


At the 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC), it seemed like most of the vendors that I spoke with or passed by had a NFV strategy. The last time I looked at ETSI NFV ISG, there were nearly 200 members and participants, indicating strong ecosystem support for NFV. While at the MWC, I asked vendors when they expect to have NFV contracts for commercial networks in hand, and outside of IMS/VoLTE, some vendors expect to have network (i.e., EPC) contracts in hand by EoY 2014 for initial deployment in 2015.

I had the opportunity to visit with Huawei at its annual Global Analyst Summit (GAS) and discuss many things in private about progress made and expectations for next year. Huawei is an early proponent for SDN/NFV, endorsing operator desires to leverage IT scale economies, rapid cycle time of commercial IT, and business transformation that can happen with virtualization. Last year, Huawei stated emphatically th...

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