Mobile Data Deluge: The Doomsday Apocalypse

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2Q 2014 | IN-1019143


Coming to a Smartphone near You


The impendingMobile Data Deluge may have a lot in common with the Y2K panic attack. For those of you whose memories are a bit foggy after 14 years, the Y2K panic attack was the (extreme) concern many had over the “Year 2000” date bug that was about to crash home PCs, business computers, and enterprise and government mainframes. In the days before (almost) unlimited data memory, software developers conserved memory by having data references in the format of DD-MM-YY. This worked perfectly well for “16-06-70” and “05-11-82,” but by the late 1990s, software architects realized that software programs may crash (or worse) once January 1, 2000, came along.

As you probably now recall, the world did not end on 01-01-00 despite the media fanfare. And yet it was probably that very media hype and IT industry focus that galvanized software developers and IT administrators to install software patches or at leas...

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