Connected Automotive Infotainment: Car OEMs Image

Connected Automotive Infotainment: Car OEMs


This report aims to establish a balanced and insightful comparison of major automotive OEMs offering connected infotainment. Connected infotainment may include features such as connected navigation, multimedia streaming, in-car social media, and in-car Wi-Fi. Companies were evaluated in terms of six implementation criteria (including: regional coverage, market share, pricing, quality and reliability, open platforms and cloud and ecosystem and partnerships). In addition seven innovation criteria are also evaluated these include: features set, smartphone integration, connected navigation, multimedia streaming, social media and networking, in-car Wi-Fi, and HMI.

The evaluation of these ensures that companies are not just measured in terms of their market share but on a wide spectrum of criteria. Through this approach ABI Research can establish which companies are leaders (characterized by high scores in most categories), the main group (characterized by standard offers), and laggards (characterized by small market share, limited regional coverage and generally lack of focus on connected infotainment). The report will suggest possible weaknesses, areas that need to be focused on, and potential future strategies for the company.