WiGig for Internet Access

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2Q 2014 | IN-1018832


Varying Opinions Surrounding WiGig as an Access Point


WiGig, which has been aligned with 802.11ad, and is a part of the greater Wi-Fi family of wireless connectivity technologies, was designed to connect one product directly to another. That is part of what will make it so useful. A device can stream video to the TV over a very clean 60 GHz spectrum using extremely wide bands. At the same time, if the content is being streamed from the Internet, it can then use Wi-Fi for Internet access. When it comes to the idea of using WiGig as an access point, however, I have heard varying opinions. Some people see it as a natural progression, and others think it will never happen.

WiGig Docking Solutions as a Middleground


Somewhere in the middle is the use of WiGig for docking solutions. It is not being used for...

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