Motion Computing Launches 12.5-inch Tablet for Nomadic Office/Field Workforce

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2Q 2014 | IN-1018822


The Motion R12 Rugged Platform


In late March 2014, Motion Computing launched its Motion R12 Rugged Platform, a tablet with a 12.5-inch display designed to survive the rigors of workforce conditions. The R12 slate is targeted at business audiences that need to see a lot of information while not sacrificing the size or quality of the display. This could include field roles such as first responders and construction workers. Jobs that require mobility between the field and using the same device as a computing component in the office will also find value in the larger display.

ABI Research appreciates Motion helping make its 2014 prediction of more large-screen tablets hitting the market come true. As a veteran vendor in the rugged computing space, Motion Computing has made a number of advancements based on customer feedback to help ensure the R12 fills the needs of nomadic users that spend time in both office and field conditions.


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