FirstNet Should Ride the Virtualization Wave into the 21st Century

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2Q 2014 | IN-1018818


Is Thirteen the Lucky Number?


It has been 13 years since the public safety agencies realized that there might be some benefit to interagency communication, so maybe someday, something will happen. While the government wheels of progress turn slowly, private industry is moving ahead with mobile broadband evolution. We see public safety ossification and a legacy paradigm, while the commercial cellular market races ahead to LTE and beyond. The Internet of Things is warming up, and likewise the jump to 5G is on the roadmap. However, the public safety entrenched interests have thwarted any real action for so long that an alternative deserves serious consideration before locking the taxpayer into US$5,000 walkie-talkies. A forward-thinking and future-proof solution is to leverage the best that commercial mobile broadband can offer with private mobile broadband, that is, a virtualized LTE network. By following the best of commercial technology, public safety agencies and taxpayers come out ahe...

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