Webinar: Carrier Wi-Fi and Value Added Services Image

Webinar: Carrier Wi-Fi and Value Added Services

The webinar explores the monetization opportunities for Carrier Wi-Fi through enabling Value Added Services. It includes a discussion about the current market overview and expectations as well as the development of standardization process. The webinar outlines how different market segments can benefit from Wi-Fi characteristics and location analytics to enhance their customers’ experience and concludes with an overview of the future role of Wi-Fi in operator’s network.

Table of Contents

  • Agenda


  1. Installed Base of Wi-Fi Hotspots Worldwide, 2013 to 2018
  2. LBS Revenue for Enterprise, 2013 and 2019


  1. Value Added Services
  2. International Roaming: Respondents Willing to Pay More Per Month for Wi-Fi Roaming by Country
  3. Elements of Value Added Services