Looking at Potential Game Changers in the Console Market

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1Q 2014 | IN-1018717


Gaming Challenged by New Consoles, Mobile Convergence, and Cloud Technologies


In February 2014, Amazon acquired game developer Double Helix Games, which, coupled with rumors about a set-top box for the home (and early images of an Amazon game controller), fueled further speculation the company is planning to launch a smart set-top box with gaming as a key differentiator. In addition, Apple is always thrown in the mix with its Apple TV and the potential for the company to effectively turn that into a gaming platform. Many also expect Google to try its hand at the gaming market, despite struggles from other Android based micro-consoles like OUYA (Mad Catz Mojo console now includes OUYA’s platform). Google did acquire Green Throttle Games, which makes gaming controllers/peripherals, so the speculation appears to hold some weight. In addition, Huawei and TCL have announced game consoles for China, but that market is still uncertain since it could get shut down again.

NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 m...

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