Ultra HD Is to South Korea as IPTV Is to France

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1Q 2014 | IN-1018713


South Korea Invests Heavily in Ultra HD


With a heavy economic dependence on the consumer electronics sector coming from tech heavyweights Samsung and LG, South Korea has a very strong interest in ensuring that Ultra HD demand is one of the factors to drive the next generation of TV purchases. To put it in perspective, according to the World Bank, Korea’s GDP in 2012 was US$1.13 trillion, while Samsung’s 2013 revenues were about US$211 billion and LG’s were about US$51 billion—implying that the two together approach (but don’t quite reach) 25% of the Korean economy (clearly, some of the GDP attributes to other countries, but it’s also offset by additional Korean suppliers tightly coupled with the two giants).

We've started to hear about heavy investment in Korean Ultra HD from nearly every sector. From a terrestrial standpoint, four major national broadcasters are planning to test DTT broadcasts now with the expec...

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