TRW Proposes Steering Wheel Concept for Automated Driving

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1Q 2014 | IN-1018546


TRW Automotive Shows Steering Wheel Concept for Autonomous Cars in Geneva


At the recent Geneva Motor Show, TRW Automotive showed an autonomous steering wheel concept on the Rinspeed XchangE car with the following features:

  • Hands On/Off Detection and Drive Mode Manager (DMM) Display: A (automated mode, activated automatically when taking the hands off the wheel); M (manual mode, activated when touching the steering wheel); Push to Drive (PTD) button to give control back to the driver
  • Lightweight Design and Flexible Positioning: Allows sliding the wheel to the center or passing control of the vehicle (wheel) to the front passenger
  • Integration of Electronic Controls: Center console and gear shift(park, neutral, drive, and reverse) integration into the steering wheel, freeing up interior space
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