Huawei Builds Trust as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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1Q 2014 | IN-1018523


Huawei Advances in Managed Services


At the massive trade show, the Mobile World Conference (MWC), telecom vendors from everywhere do their best to put their best story forward. Telecom Managed Services (MS) are mature and successful vendors understand scale and execution. MS does not receive as much attention, nor is it as exciting as LTE-A or 5GPPP. Telecom MS is important to operators, as they must continually reduce costs and improve performance. MS are even more important to infrastructure vendors facing diminished hardware margins and the imminent virtualization of their network elements. As the vendors seek to provide more value-added services that are critical to the operator, building trust as a strategic pillar becomes a formidable competitive advantage.

Whom Do You Trust?


The t...

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