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Twenty-three of the world's leading tablet vendors were analyzed in this ABI Research competitive assessment. Companies were ranked on several criteria for product implementation and vendor innovation. Coming out on top for the second year in a row is Samsung Electronics. The computing and consumer electronics giant prevailed over all other tablet vendors in the innovation category and came in second overall in the implementation strategy. Close behind Samsung in second place is Apple. Clearly dominating in shipment volume, Apple has been a strong contender in the tablet ecosystem. Apple places number one in implementation strategy but comes in close second for innovation. The two leading tablet makers have managed to stay ahead of other tablet OEM vendors. In third place in the vendor matrix for this competitive assessment is Lenovo. Lenovo has done a great job of expanding its tablet portfolio by marketing to a large audience range and providing unique user interfaces.The three leading tablet vendors continue to lead the way with Samsung and Apple maintaining a substantial lead over competitors.