Government and Healthcare ID: Smart Card and Legacy Credentials Image

Government and Healthcare ID: Smart Card and Legacy Credentials


The worldwide market for government, healthcare, and citizen ID credentials continues to grow as governments continue to adopt smart technology or migrate to next generation credentials serving, driver’s licenses, healthcare cards, national IDs, e-passports, and voter cards. Overall, 435 million smart card units were delivered into the market in 2013, forecast to increase to 526 million by the end of 2014.

More focus is now being placed on higher end applications, offering higher levels of security and multi-application functionality, further driving desire in smart card adoption across the government ID market place. The added value and real ROIs that smart cards present are real and recognized.

Additional to the above trend is the increasing move towards identity reuse, whether mirroring a secure identity to a mobile device or use of a credential or identity to access e-government services. Vendors are now looking at expanding solutions to offer secure mobile authentication, identity as a service or leveraging smart cards already in circulation to provide that secure platform to enable citizen’s access to online functionality.

This Competitive Assessment presents 1st half 2013 market shares based on shipments for the key smart card vendors active in the deployment of government, healthcare and citizen ID credentials. Also included is a smart card and legacy vendor matrix where companies were judged and scored under both an implementation and innovation category with a set of criteria and score weightings set out for each.