Axell’s 21st Century DAS

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1Q 2014 | IN-1018495


Introducing Intelligent Digital DAS, idDAS™


At the 2014 Mobile World Congress, Axell introduced theidDAS™ (Intelligent Digital DAS), which featured the ability to dynamically move network capacity through a DAS system to where it is needed most, under software control. Current DAS system architectures are designed with maximum capacity built in to satisfy peak demand; basestations, sectors, radio resources, and therefore capacity are all hard-wired to specific physical areas within a building or facility. However, this can result in significant idle periods for that resource, as demand for capacity is typically very bursty and sporadic in nature. Now with idDAS these basestations, sectors, and radio resources can be “pooled” and switched to where they are needed. According to Axell, this will allow mobile operators to “right-size” capacity for the facility without the need to design in the peak requirement for every part of ...

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