The Smart RAN Scheduler: Dancing like Fred and Ginger

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1Q 2014 | IN-1018483


What’s Inside Really Makes a Difference for Optimization


Long gone are the days when mobile operators competed on coverage and the market leader was the operator with the most cell towers. An operator today has to examine every aspect of its business looking for competitive advantage and any means to improve its bottom line. Optimization is more important now than ever to deliver sustainable financial performance. Optimization comes in many forms and can apply throughout the firm. Optimization is neither free nor easy, since anything other than the poorly named “best effort” (which is really the least effort) requires computing power to handle the additional complexity of optimization. That’s why what is inside makes a difference, and the right choice of vendors can deliver 20% to 30% performance improvement with each tick-tock of Moore’s clock. One unsung hero critical to performance and capacity is the algorithmic scheduler in the basest...

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