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The Mobile Gateways market data contains updates for the packet core network market. The scope of this market data is SGSN and GGSN for 2G and 3G markets, and the LTE EPC consisting of MME, PGW, and SGW for 4G markets. Market data modeling evolves along the ABI Research view on mobile broadband traffic. The current version of this market data is an update for 2H 2015, and includes the following changes:

  • The Packet Core forecast is by the technology generation, that is no distinction according to RAN technology TD-LTE, FD-LTE, or LTE-A.
  • Inputs have been updated with vendor financial data reported for 4Q 2015.
  • Other inputs, such as subscriber forecasts and base station forecasts, have been updated with ABI Research’s latest estimates, most notably the 4G LTE traffic, and continued strong 3G traffic.
  • The Virtualization outlook was added to address the transformative nature of SDN/NFV virtualization and how that factors into the forecast.

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