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This edition of MD-NSU covering netbooks, smartbooks, ultrabooks, notebooks, and Chromebooks includes historical data through 1Q 2014 and forecasted data through CY 2019. A separate ABI Research Market Data, “Media Tablets and eReaders” tracks and analyzes these other devices. This tab details significant changes to the Market Data from earlier deliverables. CAGRs span 2014 to 2019.

Across all device types in this Market Data, the naming for mobile broadband air interface protocols aligns with the ABI Research Market Data, “Mobile Broadband Modem Product Tracker”, and other Market Data within the Media Tablets, Ultrabooks & eReaders Research Service.

• Netbooks: Some additional scaling back of 2013 and future volumes is represented in this latest update. ABI Research is seeing only existing educational contracts with federal and central governments for OLPC and Intel Classmate PCs remaining. Similarly, ABI Research is not expecting to see new contracts or significant expansion of existing contracts, so the forecasts reflect this fulfillment and maintenance model.

• Ultrabooks: Shipments dropped for ultrabooks in 1Q 2014. In 4Q 2013, volume picked up due to holiday sales, therefore the drop in 1Q 2014 is as expected. Overall, general purchase trends have remained soft for ultrabooks and are expected to relatively flat with moderate growth through CY 2019.

• Chromebooks: Chromebooks were added to MD-NSU with historical data through 2012 and forecasted data through CY 2019. Since its 2012 inception, Chromebooks have shown a slow but strong growth in shipments. In 1Q 2014, shipments declined slightly, but are on track to continue experiencing growth year-on-year for 2014. ABI Research forecasts that Chromebooks will continue to see an increase in shipments through CY 2019.

• Notebooks: Sales for notebooks in Q1 2014 showed a moderate loss of growth from quarter-to-quarter. ABI Research forecasts that notebook shipments will gradually continue to decline through CY 2019. However, decline in shipments will gradually diminish on a year-by-year basis and eventually stabilize as forecasted through CY 2019.

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