The Net Neutrality Sky Is Falling, So What Does the Fed Say?

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1Q 2014 | IN-1018126


AT&T Woofs Out Its Sponsored Data Program


AT&T goes woof,
VzW goes meow,
Sprint goes tweet,
T-Mob goes squeak!
But there's one sound that no one knows... 
what does the Fed say?  

At the 2014 CES & AT&T Developer Summit, the big dog, AT&T, woofs out its Sponsored Data program as the other operators purr and tweet. T-Mobile will probably squawk in its “uncarrier” way. Predictably, the blogosphere, and “Twitterati,” are engulfed with Chicken Little cries of, “The net neutrality sky is falling!” There isn’t any evidence of malign intent. This is just “zero rating” that has been on the world market for a few years now; however, given the widespread use of mobile broadband that touches nearly everyone’s wallet, the politically savvy take note....

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