Smart Home Wearables Applications: Remote Control, Security, Healthcare, and Analytics Image

Smart Home Wearables Applications: Remote Control, Security, Healthcare, and Analytics


Smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular with security applications often used as an entry point that over time expands to include applications such as home energy management and home health. Although still at a nascent stage, the market is developing rapidly within a competitive environment. As smart home technologies continue to advance their interaction with users, they are poised to become more autonomous, learning and extrapolating from end-user activity and preferences. Wearable devices are one of the most personal facets of the IoT and will play an essential role in future for personalization of various applications such as access control, entertainment, home health, elder care monitoring, and energy management driving the wearable smart home market.

Although in its early stages, we are witnessing the integration of wearables in the smart home, wherein a device worn around the wrist or part of a user’s clothing is used to adjust room temperature, turn on lighting, receive notifications from security systems, and control other smart home devices. This trend is expected to witness strong growth as the application of wearables in smart home expands to include home healthcare, user authentication, personalization and other value-add applications and services. Wearables in the smart home provide device manufacturers and service provider’s significant opportunity to expand wearables application from fitness and wellness tracking to include control and monitoring of smart home systems. This report will provide an overview of the potential from integrating wearable devices in the smart home. The study will analyze the technological challenges in integrating the two device ecosystems and its subsequent impact on user experience.

Table of Contents

    • 1.1. The Wearable Smart Home
    • 1.2. Global Overview of Smart Home Devices
    • 1.3. Global Overview of the Smart Wearables Market
    • 1.4. Smart Home Connectivity and Control
    • 1.5. User Interface Is Key to a Better Smart Home User Experience
    • 1.6. Bringing Wearable Control to the Smart Home
    • 2.1. Notifications and Alerts
    • 2.2. Control of Smart Home Devices
    • 2.3. Authentication and Biometric ID
      • 2.3.1. Advantages
      • 2.3.2. Challenges
    • 2.4. Smart Home Personalization
      • 2.4.1. Advantages
      • 2.4.2. Challenges
    • 2.5. Home Monitoring: Elder Care and Assisted Living
      • 2.5.1. Advantages
      • 2.5.2. Challenges
    • 2.6. Remote Patient Management
      • 2.6.1. Advantages
      • 2.6.2. Challenges
    • 2.7. Data Aggregation and Analytics
      • 2.7.1. Advantages
      • 2.7.2. Challenges
    • 3.1. The Current Smart Home Hardware
      • 3.1.1. Network Architecture and Limitations
    • 3.2. Current Wearable Device Hardware
      • 3.2.1. Feature Wearables
      • 3.2.2. Smart Wearables
    • 3.3. Key Challenges in Integrating the Two Device Models
      • 3.3.1. Smart Home
      • 3.3.2. Wearable Devices
    • 3.4. Comparing Wireless Connectivity Landscape
      • 3.4.1. Smart Home Devices
      • 3.4.2. Wearable Devices
    • 3.5. Bridging Two Fragmented Connectivity Ecosystems
      • 3.5.1. AllSeen Alliance
      • 3.5.2. Open Interconnect Consortium
    • 3.6. Smart Home Platforms and the Wearable Smart Home
      • 3.6.1. iControl
      • 3.6.2.
      • 3.6.3. SmartThings
      • 3.6.4. Apple HomeKit
      • 3.6.5. Android for Smart Home
    • 3.7. Wearable Device OS Platforms
      • 3.7.1. Watch OS
      • 3.7.2. Android Wear
      • 3.7.3. Tizen
      • 3.7.4. Proprietary Platforms
    • 3.8. Conclusion


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  1. Smart Home Monitoring and Control Scenarios