Carrier Aggregation: “Half the Lies They Tell about Me Aren’t True”

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1Q 2014 | IN-1018096


“I Knew the Record Would Stand until It Was Broken”


In 4Q 2013, Sprint demonstrated a 1 Gbps data download rate in its laboratory using LTE-A carrier aggregation. Currently, the peak data rate of single-carrier LTE (20 MHz) using 4x4 MIMO is 300 Mbps, and though the standard LTE is quite impressive, “I knew the record would stand until it was broken.” Carrier aggregation is nothing really new as CDMA-3x and DC-HSPA are multicarrier aggregations. In the cable ISP world, DOCSIS channel bonding amounts to carrier aggregation, as does 40 MHz 802.11n Wi-Fi. But records are made to be broken, and the overall technology improves when they are.

“In Theory, There Is No Difference between Theory and Practice”


In the world of telecom, the discrepancy between adve...

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