Why Apple Will Continue to Wait before Adopting NFC

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1Q 2014 | IN-1018093


Further Thoughts on Apple and NFC


As we enter the new year, I wanted to try and wrap up my thoughts on Apple and NFC (and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE)) to explain my current position, views, and future expectations. I have previously written in the ABI Insight, “It’s Not a Case of BLE or NFC; There’s Room for Both,” as to why, when looking at the two technologies, I think that NFC and BLE will both coexist and serve different applications and user demographics, so I will avoid this here. Instead, I am going to focus on why NFC is not going anywhere and, as part of this, why I believe that Apple will still introduce NFC into its products.

NFC Has Progressed in 2013



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