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Webinar: Mobile Point of Sale Terminals

mPOS continues its emergence into everyday payment life. Today a handful of retailers have committed to mPOS rollouts (including Apple) with hospitality, transport as well as retail all expected to play a significant role within the mPOS market, albeit with differing adoption speeds.

The mPOS market remains nascent, but continues to evolve. The competitive landscape has quickly become congested and vendors now placing focus upon strategies to differentiate in terms of transaction pricing and fees, PCI compliance levels and EMV card acceptance, targeting different user groups through different product types and solutions, the white labeling of devices alongside vendors focused on becoming cost effective hardware developers. The expectation for mPOS have been set and a real opportunity identified, reflected in the current levels of market investment and the growing number of solution providers entering the market.

This webinar examined:

• The current levels of mPOS adoption and future expectations

• The potential threat, if at all mPOS presents the traditional POS market

• Vendor activity and product/solution differentiation factors

• mPOS business models and pricing strategies

• The future competitive landscape

Table of Contents

  • Payment and Banking


  1. Traditional POS versus mPOS Installed Base, World Market Forecast 2013 to 2019


  1. mPOS Market Share: Worldwide Installed Base, 2013