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Webinar: Mobile Ticketing Webinar

Mobile ticketing is often referred to as an emerging market, but the fact remains that mobile ticketing solutions have been in commercial use for over five years. The reason for its “emerging market” tagline is primarily driven by the continued market movement and development in terms of technology usage. No single solution has gained considerable traction with multiple solutions and technologies targeted towards multiple use cases. This has left a fragmented market in terms of technology types, although this choice has presented a competitive market landscape with technology platforms contending against one another.

To date, four main technology types are used to deploy mobile ticketing solutions, all with varying degrees of success. This webinar will look into:

SMS, QR Codes, NFC and dedicated ticketing apps

The technologies in play now and the market’s future evolution

Reasons behind the multi-technology landscape

How service providers can provide value added services

Discuss the issues around TSM provisioning and the impact of HCE on business models centered on MNOs and secure elements.

Table of Contents

  • Transportation & Ticketing Technologies


  1. Mobile Ticketing Technology Matrix, Global Reach versus Implementation: 2013 & 2018
  2. Total Mobile Ticketing Delivered By Technology and Application, World Market Forecast: 2013 to 2019