Next-gen Consoles Post-launch

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4Q 2013 | IN-1017646


Two Very Successful Console Launches Foreshadowing Things to Come?


Sony hit the market a week before Microsoft and quickly (within 24 hours) sold 1 million units in North America. A week later Microsoft matched this 1 million unit feat, albeit spread across 13 markets. Stockouts were (and in many cases remain) the norm for retailers, suggesting the holiday season will prove fruitful (in terms of unit shipments) for console manufactures (at least Sony and Microsoft) in 4Q 2013. Not all news, however, was positive, as some consumers were left with problem hardware (e.g., PS4 not turning on, failing to log-in, no video signal, etc., or faulty Xbox One disk drives failing to read disks, physical damage, etc.), which is not uncommon for new hardware launches and greatly exaggerated by social media. There were, however, some missteps, most notably the Xbox One’s reported issues with TV pass-through in Europe (conversion from native 50 Hz PAL to 60 Hz created p...

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