Internet of Things under Targeted Attack

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4Q 2013 | IN-1017645


Symantec Discovers New Linux Worm


Symantec revealed this week the discovery of a worm dubbed Linux.Darlloz that is surreptitiously spreading itself in the wild, searching for and infecting a range of small, Internet-enabled devices that are running the Linux operating system. More specifically, the worm generates random IP addresses and is able to log into vulnerable machines by testing commonly used credentials and passwords to gain access. Worryingly, the worm makes use of an old vulnerability in PHP that was patched over a year ago (CVE-2012-1823). While the malware currently only infects Intel x86 systems, Symantec has analyzed the attacker’s server, which already hosts variants for other architectures, including ARM, PPC, MIPSEL, and MIPS.

High Infection Rate for IoT Devices


Currently, the...

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