Tarana Validates NLoS Small Cell Backhaul

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4Q 2013 | IN-1017468


Manhattan Field Trial Results Published by Tarana


Tarana Wireless recently published results from its extensive small cell backhaul trials with a Tier One service provider in lower Manhattan, one of the world’s most challenging environments for RF signal propagation, thanks to the high density of skyscrapers and traffic.

Tarana announced that it consistently achieved “true NLoS” results in spite of the wireless signal being fully blocked by multiple solid structures, and the link performance remained comparable to LoS links at a +1 km range. Tarana deployed multiple concurrent NLoS links, which performed at full rate in a single 10 MHz channel without attenuation or adverse effects of interference, simulating a typical urban area where small cells will be closely located. With the dynamic persistent self-alignment and 100 degree antenna aperture a...

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