SoftBank’s Sprint Sparks Speed Spurt

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4Q 2013 | IN-1017465


Sprint Announces “Sprint Spark” for LTE-Advanced


Sprint branded its triband LTE service “Sprint Spark” and announced initial deployments with limited availability in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Tampa. Sprint Spark will combine its FDD-LTE spectrum at 800 MHz and 1.9 GHz with its TD-LTE spectrum at 2.5 GHz and will use multiple LTE-Advanced techniques to enhance capacity and data rates.

1 Gbps on Roadmap, 50 to 60 Mbps for Now


Sprint Spark used 1x, 2x, and 3x carrier aggregation for higher data rates, MIMO for capacity, and eight transmitter eight receiver (8T8R) radios for coverage, capacity, and speed to demonstrate a 1 Gbps throughput at its labs during a press event. Real-world throughputs in the initial markets today are ar...

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