Africa about to Experience a Mobile and Broadcast Revolution

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4Q 2013 | IN-1017270


Africa Will Re-allocate 700 MHz Spectrum for Mobile Use


In early September 2013, the state telecom regulators of 47 sub-Saharan countries agreed to a switch-over plan that would release analog TV spectrum; move broadcasting to lower digital TV spectrum bands; and allow for a substantial mobile digital dividend. The target date for this switch over? June 2015. What is particularly remarkable is that the digital dividend re-allocation is taking place in the 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands. Africa will become the first region to comprehensively re-allocate 700 MHz spectrum for mobile use across the entire region.

The Double Digital Dividend


This will have wide ranging impacts on the region. Africa’s state regulators were not reticent about taking on the “double” Digital Dividend spectrum reallocation. Mobile...

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