5G Is Still Under Construction, but Showing Promise

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4Q 2013 | IN-1017269


The Anticipation of 5G


5G will not be with us anytime soon. Best estimates put it in the 2020+ timeframe. And yet, all the clicks and clatter from fingers on PC mice, tablets, and touchpads have been steadily building. It is far from being a deafening roar, but some of the derision that came down on some of the early announcements was unmerited. GigaOM had a headline, “Huawei says it will have 5G by 2020. Maybe it will sell jetpacks and invent cold fusion too,” on August 29, 2012. That was definitely an overreaction to what should be a balanced and technology foresight-centric media website. While Huawei may have been being bullish on delivering 5G by 2020, it was not the only organization tweeting “#5G.” In October 2012, The University of Surrey's Centre for Communication Systems Research announced a research program developing 5G. The United Kingdom’s telecom regulator in November 2012 announced the country’s TV broadcasters would have to make ...

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