Never Been a Better Time for Social Analytics to Replace the Wisdom of Crowds

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3Q 2013 | IN-1017245


As Much as 20% of User Reviews May Be Fraudulent


The news is awash this week with stories of how big a problem fake reviews have become, to the point where it is estimated (after a year-long investigation) that as much as 20% of reviews on Yelp are fraudulent, according to freelance writers. Add to this reviews written by friends and family of the proprietor (and himself/herself of course), and we start to see that very quickly we will reach a stage where crowdsourced reviews can no longer be trusted. The same problems have recently been reported by Amazon, eBay, TripAdvisor, and basically every major website that relies heavily on user reviews.

Loss of Trust Has Always Been the Way


This of course is nothing new in a free market, where the need to make more money often results in the loss of trust. A...

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