Ericsson’s Radio Dot System

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3Q 2013 | IN-1017149


New Small Cell Portfolio Addition


Ericsson announced an addition to its small cell portfolio which it calls the “Radio Dot System” - a disk shaped device intended to provide cellular coverage indoors. The Radio Dot System is the result of 2 years R&D and incorporates 14 patents and introduces a disk shaped antenna element or “dot.” About the size of a typical smoke detector, the units weigh 300 grams and cater to users in medium to large indoor and enterprise locations with minimum visual impact. The range of the system is between 500 and 800 meters in a typical environment.

Attempts to Redefine Small Cells in a Big Way


Dots are interconnected using standard Internet LAN cabling to indoor radio units that link back to a basestation. As a result the Dots have t...

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