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Mobile Identity

Mobile identity is an emerging area with multiple solutions undergoing evaluation from a number of angles with many different standards bodies, industry working groups, and companies developing various standards. It is an area with multiple solutions targeting it and there remain questions as to how all of these will fit together. This report examines if and how they will coordinate and what role mobile can play in the wider field of digital identity.

Insight is provided on how mobile can be best utilized for identity purposes as well as an objective view regarding possible concerns around market development. Discussion of what needs to happen to enable mobile identity within a well thought through ecosystem encompassing devices, specialized and ubiquitous hardware, enhanced software, and cloud-based provisioning of identity is included. This report comprises the reasons for acceptance by users and service providers, the need for management of security and privacy, and lessons that can be learnt from previous mobile developments.

Finally, included is an examination of which sectors are most likely to adopt mobile identity, the likely timeline and an assessment of which types of companies are best positioned to provide secure identity solutions.

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