M2M Cellular Device Certification: A Novel Proposal to Break the Bottleneck

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3Q 2013 | IN-1017129


OEMs Still Complaining about the Device Certification Process for Cellular M2M Devices


I recently attended the M2M Evolution Conference in Las Vegas and the topic of M2M Device Certifications for cellular networks was, to say the least, a “hot” topic, particularly for devices wishing to connect on North American cellular networks. One OEM stated that it took 1 year for it to get certified for a device that was already certified on networks in Western Europe. This ABI Insight will summarize discussions on cellular M2M device certifications and highlight an approach suggested by one OEM to simplify cellular network certification and speed time to market.

The OEM View versus the Operator View


Device OEMs:

  • On top of standard government and industry regul...

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