LTE and the SIM - A Vision of the Future Image

LTE and the SIM - A Vision of the Future

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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  1. 3GPP Releases
  2. LTE Data Rates


  1. Mobile Traffic Growth, CAPEX, and Revenue
  2. Wi-Fi Data Usage
  3. Mobile Connection by Air Interface
  4. SIM Card Shipments by Form Factor
  5. SIM Card Installed Base by Device Type
  6. SIM Card Shipments by Technology Level


  1. ABI Research Practices
  2. The LTE Ecosystem
  3. LTE-connected Device
  4. Wireless Infrastructure 2.0
  5. Wi-Fi Available Signage
  6. SIM Card Examples
  7. Super SIM in LTE Promotional Ad
  8. SIM's Role in LTE
  9. Illustration of SIM's Use Case in Smartphones