Connected Automotive Infotainment: Car OEMs Image

Connected Automotive Infotainment: Car OEMs


This Competitive Assessment (CA) evaluates the main Car OEMs providing OEM connected automotive infotainment solutions, including features like connected navigation, multimedia streaming (e.g., Internet radio and video streaming), in-car social media and networking integration, and in-car Wi-Fi solutions. It does so through a series of studies, including:

· A vendor matrix (VM) assesses and ranks the top 13 car OEMs through an analysis of each company’s product and services innovation, and strategy and implementation in the global market.

· A market share (MS) evaluation compares vendors by ABI Research’s estimates of OEM connected automotive infotainment telematics installations for 2012.

The vendors in this study include those car OEMs offering comprehensive connected automotive infotainment solutions as factory-installed systems. Both fully embedded and hybrid solutions are taken into account.