Alcatel-Lucent: Get Scrappy, or Else...

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2Q 2013 | IN-1016665


Monsieur Combes to Announce Turn-around Plan on June 19


Bloomberg reports that Michel Combes will announce the anxiously awaited turn-around plan for Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) on June 19. As mentioned in the article, the immediate need is to staunch the flow of red ink. There are very few battlefield tools the CEO can use in the short run to address this, therefore, we can expect to see cauterization and amputation. In the long run, a Monty Python Black Knight Strategy is not recommended for restoring corporate health and wealth, as eventually there is nothing left to chop. We rather hope to see bold and daring moves that will put Alcatel-Lucent on the path to fame and fortune. Otherwise, if we see more of the same, we should expect more of the same.


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