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Wi-Fi Access Points


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Adoption of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices is continuously increasing with Wi-Fi becoming the preferred option to connect to the Internet for Wi-Fi enabled device owners. 

For mobile operators, Wi-Fi becomes vital in enhancing user experience. Mobile operators are deploying Wi-Fi networks to offload mobile data traffic and to provide value-added service to customers. A large number of operators invest in building Wi-Fi networks as well as partnering with Wi-Fi aggregators to provide Wi-Fi access to their customers.

This database presents the overview of Wi-Fi hotspots installed worldwide. Wi-Fi hotspots deployed by both mobile carriers and third-party operators are included in this database. Data is analyzed for six regions; Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Market share of third-party Wi-Fi hotspots operators and regional Wi-Fi hotspots market share are analyzed in this database.