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Worldwide Semiconductor Market - 2Q13


The worldwide semiconductor market is vast; it continues its cyclical growth pattern and constantly evolves due to dynamic markets and merger and acquisition strategies. The market is served by a diverse range of suppliers, with the top 20 including large semiconductor-focused suppliers such as Intel, Texas Instruments, and STMicroelectronics; OEMs with large semiconductor portfolios such as Samsung, Toshiba, and Sony; and a whole range of small to mid-sized semiconductor suppliers largely focused on specific market verticals such as Qualcomm, Broadcom, Nvidia, MediaTek, and Marvell. Each region has its successful companies, but this is very much a global market.

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  1. Top 20 Semiconductor Supplier Market Share, Worldwide, 2010 to 2013



  1. Semiconductor Supplier Market Share, Worldwide 1H 2013
  2. Semiconductor Supplier Annual Revenues, Worldwide 2010 to 2012
  3. Semiconductor Market Quarterly Revenues, Worldwide 1Q 2010 to 1Q 2013
  4. Semiconductor Market Annual Revenues, Worldwide 1990 to 2013