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In this market database ABI Research focused on the last-mile and access layer of mobile backhaul. Forecasts of data consumption, OPEX for leased backhaul, and CAPEX for microwave, cumulative base station shipments, mobile subscribers, as well as wireless traffic and bandwidth demands are broken out giving a comprehensive look at the access technologies pertaining to backhaul, as well as data traffic expected. Global backhaul opportunities include two components: equipment revenue and leased backhaul revenue. Backhaul equipment revenue opportunity is presented by the number of new base station deployments and CAPEX for microwave equipment. Lease revenue by region and technology is provided in dollar value by region. The shift toward IP protocols is changing the backhaul landscape because 4G technologies are purely IP-centric, and eventually all backhaul networks will trend toward carrier-grade Ethernet. This will provide advantages in bandwidth, as well as cost. Ethernet can deliver much more bandwidth capacity for less cost when compared with traditional T1/E1 backhaul or SONET.

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