Wi-Fi: Mobile Carrier’s New Best Friend Experiences Growing Pains

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1Q 2013 | IN-1015931


Carriers Reassess Wi-Fi’s Capacity for Data Flooding


There was a time that Wi-Fi was the scrappy junior cousin of cellular mobile data services. Sentiments have changed, though. Previously, Wi-Fi was seen as a cheap and practical alternative to getting Internet access to the PC in the living room, laptop access at the kitchen table, or corporate guest access in the office. Public Wi-Fi hotspot providers such as BT Openzone and Boingo had a certain amount of success offering high-speed Internet access to desperate corporate users who trailed a laptop charger cable to a power socket, and then juggled their Starbucks coffee and credit card to purchase an online Wi-Fi session. Now, most mobile carriers have begun to reassess Wi-Fi as an effective complementary wireless infrastructure for offloading flood-level amounts of data traffic from smartphones, tablets, and dongles from their cellular networks.

Increasingly ...

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