Small Cells and Carrier Wi-Fi Image

Small Cells and Carrier Wi-Fi


Vendors realize the importance of providing resilient and flexible solutions that can address different operators’ needs in different markets, whether developed or developing. Operators are faced with big challenges, now more than ever, while trying to move forward with the technology and upgrade their networks, but keep stumbling over increasing data demands and increasing TCO.

Small cells and closely related carrier Wi-Fi, which is sometimes referred to as unlicensed small cells, have been used by operators mainly as a means of data offload to ease network congestion. While they have been regarded earlier as temporary solutions that might be replaced by 4G networks, small cells and carrier Wi-Fi are now considered an essential part of next-generation Heterogeneous Networks, which harmonizes different access technologies and network topologies.

This Competitive Assessment focuses on the small cells and carrier Wi-Fi market and vendors’ solutions. It examines the solutions of major infrastructure vendors and ranks them based on innovation and implementation. The assessment covers the vendors that provide both small cells and Carrier Wi-Fi equipment.